Monday, May 3, 2021
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Monday, May 3, 2021

It's 48 degrees in Mud Butte today. Sorry I missed Friday. Here's the news—

John Kerry discloses millions in income from finance, energy firms

Lachlan Markay, Axios

John Kerry disclosed millions in income and a massive stock portfolio that he's liquidated since taking office as President Biden’s special climate envoy, according to a financial filing obtained by Axios on Friday.

This new beer tastes like climate change and it’s not good

Kerrin Jeromin, The Washington Post

New Belgium Brewing seeks to raise climate change awareness with funky beer flavor: Torched Earth Ale.

Bamboo bicycles, solar power and kelp forests

Ilana Marcus, The Washington Post

Test your knowledge about the ways the climate is changing — and what we can do about it

Brazil has already lost 30 Manhattans of Amazon rainforest this year

Benji Jones, Vox

A new analysis of satellite imagery shows some 430,000 acres of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest have been wiped out so far in 2021.

Biden Administration Seeks To Build Trust And Diversity Among Federal Scientists

Rebecca Hersher, NPR

Climate and health policies rely on scientific expertise. But the federal science workforce has been shaped by decades of political interference, underfunding and race and gender bias.