Friday, April 23, 2021
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Friday, April 23, 2021

It's 48 degrees in Sedgwick today. Here's the news—

Could the solution to fashion pollution be … tiny nuclear reactors?

Alden Wicker, Vox

Considering that tiny nuclear reactors don’t exist yet, probably not, no.

All the new emissions targets announced at Biden’s climate summit

Jacob Knutson, Axios

Multiple world leaders announced new targets for reducing greenhouse gases during President Biden's virtual climate summit, which featured more than 40 heads of state and other world and business leaders.

Senate Republicans unveil $568 billion infrastructure counterproposal

Alayna Treene, Axios

Senate Republicans formally rolled out the framework for their $568 billion counterproposal to President Biden's $2.5 trillion infrastructure plan on Thursday.

Biden taps ocean scientist Rick Spinrad to run NOAA

Jason Samenow, The Washington Post

He's an oceanographer with decades of science and policy experience and previously served as the agency's chief scientist.