Wednesday, September 02, 2020
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Wednesday, September 02, 2020

It's 75 degrees in Marengo today. Here's the news—


Guest post: Why does land warm up faster than the oceans?

Carbon Brief Staff, Carbon Brief (Tweet)


The US South could save money by cleaning up its power grid

David Roberts, Vox -  Climate Change (Tweet)


Typhoon Maysak to become second typhoon in a week to strike Korean Peninsula, and a third storm lies right behind

Andrew Freedman, Andrew Freedman (Tweet)


Despite Recent Pledges, Utilities Have Been Slow to Adopt Renewable Energy, Study Finds

Yale E360 (Tweet)


Climate change: Power companies 'hindering' move to green energy, BBC News (Tweet)


The sun is ‘glorious’ and rain is ’nasty.’ Could weather bias be killing us?

Kate Yoder, Grist (Tweet)


How climate change fuels California’s biggest fires

Alexandria Herr, Grist (Tweet)


How air conditioning could keep everyone cool without cooking the planet

Maddie Stone, Grist (Tweet)


Erin Brockovich’s new book looks at the upstream causes of America’s water crisis

Angely Mercado, Grist (Tweet)


As fire burns, activists sneak into Point Reyes to bring water to parched elk. Should they?

Susanne Rust, Anita Chabria, Los Angeles Times (Tweet)


Arrests as Extinction Rebellion protests begin across England, BBC News (Tweet)


DIY Firefighting In California

Greg Rosalsky, NPR (Tweet)


Hottest season on record: Merciless Phoenix heat blasts by all-time monthly and summer milestones

Ian Livingston, The Washington Post (Tweet)


2020 was Washington’s 5th hottest summer on record, with 8 inches more rain than normal

Matt Rogers, Jason Samenow, The Washington Post (Tweet)


How Bill Nye Became the 'Science Guy'

NPR (Tweet)


Sen. Markey aims to do the politically unthinkable: Deny a Kennedy a win in Massachusetts

David Weigel, The Washington Post (Tweet)


House Ways and Means chairman faces fight of his political life in Mass. primary

Rachael Bade, The Washington Post (Tweet)


The Trailer: Markey got the memes. Will he get the win?

David Weigel, The Washington Post (Tweet)


Second effort to boost wildfire funding falls flat in the California Legislature

Taryn Luna, Los Angeles Times (Tweet)


How college activists are trying to win the youth vote remotely

Isabella Simonetti, Vox (Tweet)


Live results for the Massachusetts primaries

Li Zhou, Vox (Tweet)