Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

It's 49 degrees in Athens today. Here's the news—

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Snapshots of Daily Life in a Remote Region of Portugal

André Vieira, New York Times (Tweet)

The Barroso is one of Portugal’s most isolated areas, known for its rough terrain, abiding agricultural traditions and stunning beauty.

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John Kerry Tapped For Newly Created Role As Presidential Climate Envoy

Jennifer Ludden, NPR (Tweet)

Environmental groups praise Kerry for his decades of climate work, including negotiating the Paris agreement. He will face challenges after four years of a diminished U.S. role in climate diplomacy.

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Fighting climate change through subsidies and innovation

Amy Harder, Axios (Tweet)

Washington lawmakers may throw billions of taxpayer dollars at clean energy next year, prompting a rush of ideas about how to do it and how effective it can be at tackling climate change.Driving the news: With the federal government’s political power likely d…

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Rep. Haaland: Cabinet Pick 'Would Mean A Lot To Indian Country'

Barbara Sprunt, NPR (Tweet)

Dozens of House Democrats have called on President-elect Joe Biden to make the New Mexico congresswoman the first Native American Cabinet secretary in U.S. history.

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Waste' Activist Digs Into The Sanitation Crisis Affecting The Rural Poor

Dave Davies, NPR (Tweet)

In 2017, a study reported one in three people in one rural Alabama county had been exposed to hookworm. Catherine Coleman Flowers says the study reveals big gaps in sanitation in rural America.

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William Peduto, Jamael Tito Brown, Nan Whaley, Andrew Ginther, John Cranley, Steve Williams, Ron Dulaney Jr., Greg Fischer, The Washington Post (Tweet)

We, the mayor of eight cities across the Midwest and Appalachia, are asking for an ambitious federal response to save our industries and communities from destruction.

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Michèle Flournoy is expected to become the first woman secretary of defense. She’s ready.

Alex Ward, Vox (Tweet)

Joe Biden is expected to nominate Michèle Flournoy as the first woman secretary of defense. The Democrat is ready.

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Cyclone Gati hits Somalia as country's strongest storm on record, following explosive intensification

Matthew Cappucci, Andrew Freedman, The Washington Post (Tweet)

The system's winds increased by nearly 70 mph in just six hours.