Tuesday, March 16, 2021
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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

It's 71 degrees in Odonnell today. Here's the news—

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The Making of a ‘European Yellowstone’

Nicholas J. R. White, New York Times (Tweet)

A major conservation effort is underway in Romania. The goal is a new national park that will rival its American counterparts.

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Want a Future Worth Saving For? Here’s How to Divest your 401(k) From Fossil Fuels

Alex Yablon, Azure Gilman, Vice News (Tweet)

Your current retirement portfolio may be turning your future into an unlivable hellscape.

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New EPA administrator: ‘Science is back’

Brady Dennis, The Washington Post (Tweet)

In his first interview as the nation’s top environmental official, Michael Regan says he is focused on is restoring morale at the agency, combatting climate change and lifting up communities burdened by pollution.

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This Tiny Fish Can Withstand Almost Anything

Carrie Arnold, The Atlantic (Tweet)

In Virginia’s Elizabeth River, the unremarkable-looking mummichog has survived decades of industrial pollution—but the price it has paid has worrying implications for human health.

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A forgotten Cold War experiment has revealed its icy secret. It’s bad news for the planet.

Sarah Kaplan, The Washington Post (Tweet)

How a Cold War effort to conquer Greenland's ice revealed humanity's vulnerability to climate change.

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