Monday, March 08, 2021
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Monday, March 08, 2021

It's 48 degrees in Belt today. Here's the news—

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Plan to Rebuild Louisiana’s Vanishing Coast Moves Ahead

John Schwartz, New York Times (Tweet)

An environmental assessment said the project’s next step would largely benefit coastal areas, though it might also affect some marine life, especially dolphins.

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Study Finds Wildfire Smoke More Harmful To Humans Than Pollution From Cars

Nathan Rott, NPR (Tweet)

In Southern California, pollutants from wildfire smoke caused up to a 10% increase in hospital admissions. Researchers say there's a need for better air monitoring and public health programs.

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More than 50 companies have vowed to be carbon-neutral by 2040

Steven Mufson, The Washington Post (Tweet)

FedEx aims at becoming carbon neutral by 2040. It will invest $2 billion to start buying electric vehicles for its fleet of 180,000 vehicles and it will donate $100 million to the Yale Center for Natural Carbon Capture.

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China aims to be carbon neutral by 2060. Its new 5-year plan won’t cut it.

Lili Pike, Vox (Tweet)

The plan could allow for emissions to keep growing through 2025.

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Hold That Drill: Why Wall Street Wants Energy Companies To Pump Less Oil, Not More

Camila Domonoske, NPR (Tweet)

After bankrolling oil companies for years and seeing poor returns, investors are now pressuring companies to keep their oil output lower, instead of higher.

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For Planet Earth, No Tourism is a Curse and a Blessing

Lisa W. Foderaro, New York Times (Tweet)

From the rise in poaching to the waning of noise pollution, travel’s shutdown is having profound effects. Which will remain, and which will vanish?

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