Friday, March 05, 2021
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Friday, March 05, 2021

It's 61 degrees in Los Angeles today. Here's the news—

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The Shift to Renewable Energy Can Give More Power to the People

Bill McKibben, New Yorker (Tweet)

We shouldn’t give up on the idea of democratizing energy ownership as much as possible.

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Now Making Electric Bikes: Car and Motorcycle Companies

Roy Furchgott, New York Times (Tweet)

They see branding opportunities as the pandemic and a desire by cities to curb traffic propel e-bike sales to new heights.

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Mounting emissions data paints bleak picture on Paris climate goals

Ben Geman, Axios (Tweet)

Researchers keep finding new ways to reveal that nations are together showing very few signs of getting on track to meet the Paris Agreement's goals.

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OPEC And Allies Keep Oil Production Steady As Saudi Arabia Urges 'Caution'

Camila Domonoske, NPR (Tweet)

Oil prices have risen remarkably over the last few months. Now the powerful oil cartel is keeping a lid on supply in an attempt to push crude prices even higher.

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Is spring just a tease that swiftly comes and goes, or an enduring season?

Matthew Cappucci, The Washington Post (Tweet)

Spring is a surprisingly long season that develops gradually, and generally less abrupt and volatile than the fall, data show.

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Butterflies are vanishing out West. Scientists say climate change is to blame.

Dino Grandoni, The Washington Post (Tweet)

As the climate in the American West grows hotter and drier, butterfly populations are disappearing, new research shows.

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