Thursday, March 04, 2021
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Thursday, March 04, 2021

It's 56 degrees in Cotter today. Here's the news—

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Exxon Mobil’s Chief Says It Is ‘Supportive’ of Zero-Emission Goals

Clifford Krauss, New York Times (Tweet)

Darren Woods, in an interview before an annual presentation to investors today, also suggested there was common ground with Biden administration policies.

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California Condors Get an Assist From an Unlikely Source: A Wind Power Company

Sarah Bahr, New York Times (Tweet)

Federal wildlife authorities in California are working with a wind energy company to breed the endangered birds in captivity to replace any that may be killed by turbine blades. Conservationists are skeptical.

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A Small Hint of Big Trouble in the Oceans

, New York Times (Tweet)

Some scientists fear that meltwater from Greenland may be affecting ocean currents that help regulate far-reaching weather patterns.

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Wyoming Coal Country Pivots, Reluctantly, to Wind Farms

Dionne Searcey and Benjamin Rasmussen, New York Times (Tweet)

In the heart of coal country, the town of Rawlins will soon be home to one of the nation’s largest wind farms. But pride in the fossil fuel past remains a powerful force.

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Blinken Proposes a Foreign Policy Not ‘Disconnected From Our Daily Lives’

Lara Jakes and Michael Crowley, New York Times (Tweet)

In his first major address, the secretary of state pledged to focus on how diplomacy has a direct effect on regular Americans. At the top of the list: dealing with China.

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An Urgent Call for a New Relationship with Nature

Elizabeth Bennett, Scientific American (Tweet)

“Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and the Planet” is the theme of this year's World Wildlife Day -- Read more on

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The Weekly Planet: Why a Political Philosopher Is Thinking About Carbon Removal

Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic (Tweet)

Rich countries should mop up their climate pollution, the Georgetown professor Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò argues.

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The pandemic caused a record drop in carbon emissions. Then they bounced back.

Lili Pike, Vox (Tweet)

Energy use and emissions have come soaring back as China and other major economies have recovered from the pandemic

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Malaria is notoriously hard to vaccinate against. A new vaccine technology might change that.

Kelsey Piper, Vox (Tweet)

There’s still a long way to go, but RNA vaccines might help in the fight against malaria.

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Exxon says it's well-positioned amid investor pressure

Ben Geman, Axios (Tweet)

ExxonMobil said Wednesday that its oil-and-gas development plans will create good returns even at modest oil prices as the company looks to win back investor confidence after several rocky years.Driving the news: The company, just ahead of an investor present…

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State Department Should Be More Diverse And Engaged Across U.S., Report Says

Michele Kelemen, NPR (Tweet)

The Biden administration pledges a foreign policy that delivers to middle-class Americans. Linking up to locales across the country — outside D.C. — could help with that, according to a new report.

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New climate ‘normal’ for Atlantic hurricanes shows more frequent and intense storms

Matthew Cappucci, Andrew Freedman, The Washington Post (Tweet)

Recent years have seen a significant uptick in hurricane activity, both in terms of storm numbers and intensity.

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Green Alternative to Border Wall Might Have Saved Texas

Mark Fischetti, Scientific American (Tweet)

A U.S.-Mexico corridor of renewable energy and water could have prevented widespread emergencies -- Read more on

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Historic drought deepens in the West as window for rain, snow closes

Becky Bolinger, Andrew Freedman, The Washington Post (Tweet)

This is the worst drought, in terms of its geographical scope, in over 20 years.

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The danger of the new skepticism

Eleanor Cummins, Vox (Tweet)

Social echo chambers have propelled “healthy” skepticism into surreal terrain.

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