Wednesday, March 03, 2021
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Wednesday, March 03, 2021

It's 72 degrees in Bradenton today. Here's the news—

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Miami Says It Can Adapt to Rising Seas. Not Everyone Is Convinced.

Christopher Flavelle and Patricia Mazzei, New York Times (Tweet)

Officials have a new plan to manage rising water. Succeed or fail, it will very likely become a case study for other cities facing climate threats.

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As Senate Debates Interior Nominee, the Department Moves on Climate Change

Lisa Friedman, New York Times (Tweet)

As Deb Haaland, President Biden's choice for Interior secretary, heads toward a showdown vote, the department she would head is moving ahead on environmental policies.

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How Green Are Electric Vehicles?

Hiroko Tabuchi and Brad Plumer, New York Times (Tweet)

In short: Very green. But plug-in cars still have environmental effects. Here’s a guide to the main issues and how they might be addressed.

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Top oil and gas lobbying group close to backing a carbon tax

Steven Mufson, The Washington Post (Tweet)

The American Petroleum Institute, the top lobbying group for the oil and gas industry, is moving toward endorsing a carbon tax. But analysts debate whether API sees it as a way to undercut other policies or as a step forward on climate change.

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