Tuesday, March 02, 2021
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Tuesday, March 02, 2021

It's 35 degrees in Blanca today. Here's the news—

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“It’s after the storm that’s the hardest part”: 390,000 Texans still don’t have clean water

Lili Pike, Vox (Tweet)

The winter storm two weeks ago caused millions of Texans to lose water access. California and other states have also seen increasing water problems due to extreme weather and climate change.

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Catastrophes of past year show America's desperate need for more resilient infrastructure

Felix Salmon, Axios (Tweet)

America has been hit by a series of catastrophic failures — and the only certainty is that more are on the way. Why it matters: Our infrastructure is failing, and the less we invest in it now, the more it's going to continue to fail in the future.

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How Fast Are Oceans Rising? The Answer May Be In Century-Old Shipping Logs

Lauren Sommer, NPR (Tweet)

A century ago, the shipping industry recorded the daily ebb and flow of tides. Now, those records are becoming crucial for forecasting how fast sea levels are rising in a warming climate.

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