Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

It's 63 degrees in Duck River today. Here's the news—

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Monitoring the Weather at the Edge of the World

Marzena Skubatz, New York Times (Tweet)

Marsibil Erlendsdottir runs a farm and provides weather reports from a remote outpost in eastern Iceland. The job requires vigilance and an unfailing resolve.

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Climate Change Is Worsening. So the Weather Station Is Singing About It.

Lindsay Zoladz, New York Times (Tweet)

The 36-year-old Canadian musician Tamara Lindeman’s piercing new album, “Ignorance,” explores the emotional impacts of a global problem.

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New U.S. Strategy Would Quickly Free Billions in Climate Funds

Christopher Flavelle, New York Times (Tweet)

A plan to repurpose emergency management funds aims to funnel up to $10 billion into preventing climate disasters. “It would dwarf all previous grant programs of its kind,” one analyst said.

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Earth Has Lost 28 Trillion Tons of Ice since the Mid-1990s

Chelsea Harvey, E&E News, Scientific American (Tweet)

Melt has accelerated over recent decades, contributing to sea level rise -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

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Some Silicon Valley donors’ next political fight? Trying to oust California’s governor.

Theodore Schleifer, Vox (Tweet)

Tech money could turn a quixotic recall attempt into a real threat to Gavin Newsom.

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Yellen confirmed as Treasury chief with more economic aid at top of agenda

Victoria Guida, Politico (Tweet)

She will be working with Congress on a Covid relief package.

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Antithesis of the rule of law': Prosecutors revolt against LA social justice changes

Jeremy B. White, Politico (Tweet)

The widening battle over George Gascón's policies offers a high-profile microcosm for larger tensions roiling law enforcement around the country.

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We're at a "history-curving" moment on climate change

Amy Harder, Axios (Tweet)

Like the curve of Earth we can’t see from the ground, we’re on a curve in history that we won’t fully recognize until decades in the future.Driving the news: The inauguration of President Biden completes an economic and political consensus that climate change…

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The coronavirus is worsening economic inequality around the world

Felix Salmon, Stef W. Kight, Axios (Tweet)

History will likely remember the pandemic as the "first time since records began that inequality rose in virtually every country on earth at the same time." That's the verdict from Oxfam's inequality report covering the year 2020 — a terrible year that hit th…

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Xi Jinping warns against "new cold war" in Davos speech

Dave Lawler, Axios (Tweet)

Chinese President Xi Jinping warned that a "new cold war" could turn hot, and must be avoided, in a speech on Monday to at World Economic Forum’s virtual “Davos Agenda” conference.Why it matters: Xi didn't refer directly to U.S.-China tensions, but the subtex…

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What Alexei Navalny needs now - POLITICO - Politico

Politico (Tweet)

  1. What Alexei Navalny needs now - POLITICO  Politico
  2. Navalny Attacked by Putin Allies After Russia Protests  The New York Times
  3. Russia’s Putin Faces Rising Discontent Amid Alexei Navalny Protests  The Wall Street Journal
  4. Th…
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Gensler clashed with SEC investor-advice rule in sign of changes to come at regulator

Kellie Mejdrich, Politico (Tweet)

If confirmed, he’s likely to lead the market regulator in a sharply different direction from the one charted by his predecessor, Wall Street lawyer Jay...

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A Native American may be taking control of the Cabinet department that has shaped Native American lives

Cheryl Ellenwood, Laura Evans, Raymond Foxworth, Carmela Roybal, Gabriel R. Sanchez, The Washington Post (Tweet)

Native Americans have long had good reason to distrust the Department of Interior. But their increasing political clout may mean that things are changing.

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An atmospheric river could dump 10 feet of snow in California’s Sierra Nevada

Matthew Cappucci, The Washington Post (Tweet)

A potent atmospheric river will bring up to 10 inches of rainfall near the coast, and just as many feet of snow to the mountains.

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How To Calm America's Hundred-Year Storm

By Rahm Emanuel, Politico (Tweet)

Peel back our political anger, and you'll find social disruptions on a scale the country hasn't seen since the early 1900s. So what does Teddy Roosevelt's era tell us about how to fix our divisions?

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A more millennial Washington takes shape

Eugene Scott, The Washington Post (Tweet)

The ranks of millennials in Congress -- and the cabinet -- grew considerably this year.

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Earth is now losing 1.2 trillion tons of ice each year. And it’s going to get worse.

Chris Mooney, The Washington Post (Tweet)

Two new papers reveal the growing toll that human-caused global warming is having on the planet's ice.

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The Climate For The Fight Against Climate Change

NPR, NPR (Tweet)

"We all should be talking about addressing climate change as a path to build on our innovation. If we seize this moment, we'll be creating more opportunity and security," says Senator Tina Smith, Democrat of Minnesota.

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