Wednesday, January 13, 2021
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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

It's 52 degrees in Otter Rock today. Here's the news—

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Covid-19 Took a Bite From U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2020

Brad Plumer, New York Times (Tweet)

Emissions plunged more than 10 percent. If the trend can be sustained, it would put the United States within striking distance of one of its major goals under the Paris climate agreement.

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Climate Deniers Shift Tactics to 'Inactivism'

Richard Schiffman, Scientific American (Tweet)

Fossil fuel interests are trying to blame climate change on individuals while also sewing division, says Michael Mann, one of their prime targets.

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The carbon skyscraper: A new way of picturing rapid, human-caused climate change

Benjamin Strauss, The Washington Post (Tweet)

The speed at which carbon dioxide is building up in Earth's atmosphere is a critical factor that helps determine the damage global warming will cause.

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Women scientists focus on a secret weapon to fight climate change: Moms

Sarah Kaplan, The Washington Post (Tweet)

“One of the most powerful ways for us to connect over climate change is this fundamental value that we share,” said scientist Katharine Hayhoe, who is helping to lead a $10 million campaign to educate mothers around ways to combat climate change.

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United Airlines aims to suck carbon dioxide from the friendly skies

Steven Mufson, The Washington Post (Tweet)

When it comes to cutting greenhouse gases that are driving up global temperatures and threatening the planet, there are few ways to reduce the pollution caused by air travel.

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The Energy 202: Oil companies reconsider political spending after attack on Capitol

Dino Grandoni, The Washington Post (Tweet)

Some are joining the chorus in corporate America suspending donations to politicians after a pro-Trump mob stormed Congress.

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The Weekly Planet: What 2020’s Bizarre Economy Taught Us About Climate Change

Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic (Tweet)

U.S. carbon pollution hasn’t been this low in decades—that’s the bad news.

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