Thursday, January 07, 2021
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Thursday, January 07, 2021

It's 45 degrees in Atlanta today. Here's the news—

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Hank Paulson to Run Climate-Focused Fund at TPG

Andrew Ross Sorkin, New York Times (Tweet)

The venture aims to push climate-friendly businesses into the mainstream.

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What the Senate Vote Could Mean

Lisa Friedman, New York Times (Tweet)

Activists are already calling on Democrats to take bold action

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Sale of Drilling Leases in Arctic Refuge Fails to Yield a Windfall

Henry Fountain, New York Times (Tweet)

Just half of the 22 available tracts of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge got bids, and big oil companies stayed away.

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Major Oil Companies Take A Pass On Controversial Lease Sale In Arctic Refuge

Tegan Hanlon, NPR (Tweet)

After a three year push by the Trump administration, almost no oil companies offered bids. Analysts point to controversary, low oil prices, and an incoming administration that opposes drilling.

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The politics of “dude food”

Rachel Sugar, Vox (Tweet)

Food scholar Emily Contois’s new book explores the intersection of masculinity and marketing.

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Why Big Tech will get a rough ride in 2021 - Politico

Politico (Tweet)

Why Big Tech will get a rough ride in 2021  Politico

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Welcome To The New Georgia': Warnock On His Win In Georgia Runoff

Barbara Sprunt, NPR (Tweet)

He becomes the first Black person to be elected to the Senate from the state and the first Black Democratic senator from the South.

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What you need to know about Raphael Warnock

Eugene Scott, The Washington Post (Tweet)

Warnock, a Democrat and minister from Atlanta, is projected to win his Georgia Senate race over Sen, Kelly Loeffler (R).

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The coronavirus intensified a hunger crisis last year, but 2021 could be worse

Siobhán O'Grady, The Washington Post (Tweet)

For much of the world, the legacy of the pandemic will be impossible to untangle from the stark material inequities that worsened it, and that it exacerbated.

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A Bridget too far

By Matt Friedman, Politico (Tweet)

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By Shia Kapos, Politico (Tweet)