Thursday, February 04, 2021
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Thursday, February 04, 2021

It's 53 degrees in Tomales today. Here's the news—

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Could We Pay Back The Earth For What It Provides? A New Report Offers A Roadmap

Eric McDaniel, NPR 👈 hey it's me!

The Review on the Economics of Biodiversity, totaling more than 600 pages and issued Tuesday, frames nature as a financial asset that provides humanity with food, water, shelter and "spiritual fulfillment."

Helmed by Cambridge University economist Sir Partha Dasgupta, the study argues that nature's contributions to global productivity should be quantified and, in essence, repaid. That would require a dramatic reimagining of how countries assess economic performance.

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Rebuild or Leave ‘Paradise’: Climate Change Dilemma Facing a Nicaraguan Coastal Town

Brent McDonald, Caroline Kim, Alfonso Flores Bermúdez and César Nuñez, New York Times (Tweet)

Two major November hurricanes slammed into the same part of Nicaraguan coast, laying waste to the Miskito village of Haulover. Faced with a future of intensifying storms, the residents must now consider whether to abandon their way of life by the ocean and move inland.

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Court Faults France Over ‘Ecological Damage’ From Its Emissions Levels

Constant Méheut, New York Times (Tweet)

A Paris court said the French state had failed to meet its commitments on greenhouse gas emissions. The lawsuit is among a growing number of such legal actions internationally.

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The Weekly Planet: A New Idea for Fighting Climate Change: Retirement Plans!

Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic (Tweet)

If you’re retiring in the 2060s, you should make sure you can enjoy the 2060s.

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The Planet Could Have Catastrophic Surprises in Store

Peter Brannen, The Atlantic (Tweet)

The geologic record carries a terrifying warning.

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Sarah Kaplan, The Washington Post (Tweet)

The Empire State Building and its 13 related properties are buying wind power, making it the nation's largest real estate portfolio to go green.

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