Wednesday, December 23, 2020
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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

It's 54 degrees in Hollister today. Here's the news—

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A Race to Become the Tesla of Delivery Trucks and Vans

Neal E. Boudette, New York Times (Tweet)

Investors are betting that small companies like Workhorse will help popularize electric commercial vehicles. And Tesla aims to extend its reach.

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Norway’s Supreme Court Makes Way for More Arctic Drilling

Henrik Pryser Libell and Derrick Bryson Taylor, New York Times (Tweet)

The top court ruled against environmental groups Tuesday, saying the right to a clean environment had no effect on the government drilling for offshore oil.

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3 Skiers Killed In Colorado Avalanches As Authorities Warn Of Weak Snowpack

Laurel Wamsley, NPR (Tweet)

"Colorado is the home of weak snow and avalanches are not uncommon. This year is worse," the Colorado Avalanche Information Center said Sunday. A snowmobiler in Wyoming also died on Friday.

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Climate Action For Christmas? Omnibus Bill Includes Biggest Policy Shift In Years

Camila Domonoske, NPR (Tweet)

Congress has long struggled to pass new laws addressing climate change, even ones with bipartisan support. But the end-of-year spending package includes an energy bill with major climate measures.

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How Climate Change Is Setting The Stage For Natural Disasters

Lauren Sommer, NPR (Tweet)

This year had a relentless number of extreme wildfires and hurricanes. They were driven by climate change, and global temperatures that were among the hottest ever recorded.

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Here’s the ultimate holiday gift list

Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post (Tweet)

It involves everyone getting what they deserve.

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The U.S. will soon rejoin the Paris climate accord. Then comes the hard part.

Brady Dennis, The Washington Post (Tweet)

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2020 was a time warp

Shannon Stirone, Vox (Tweet)

Was it a year, a day, or a millennium? Science offers clues to why it feels like all of the above.

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You can survive winter and not spread Covid-19. Here’s how.

Katherine Harmon Courage, Vox (Tweet)

Experts on safer (and riskier) ways to see friends and family, keep kids busy, and give back — in a raging pandemic.