Friday, December 11, 2020
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Friday, December 11, 2020

It's 30 degrees in Effie today. Here's the news—

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It’s Australia’s First Big Blaze of the Fire Season. How Bad Will the Summer Get?

Damien Cave, New York Times (Tweet)

Last year, the country suffered catastrophic wildfires. Now, it is watching as a scenic getaway burns. What the rest of the season brings may depend on heat waves, winds and dried-out grass.

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The Newest Challenge for Europe’s Parks: A Surge of New Nature Lovers

Paige McClanahan, New York Times (Tweet)

Lockdown-weary city dwellers across the continent are visiting parks and other protected areas for the first time, overwhelming staff and generating pleas for more support.

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‘Is Exxon a Survivor?’ The Oil Giant Is at a Crossroads.

Clifford Krauss, New York Times (Tweet)

Exxon Mobil is struggling to find its footing as demand for oil and gas falls and world leaders and businesses pledge to fight climate change.

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3 countries that financed a global coal boom are starting to pull their money

Lili Pike, Vox (Tweet)

The three countries are reconsidering their overseas coal projects, in part because of climate change.

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More Crabs!: Scientists Discover A Way To Help Dying Coral Reefs

NPR, NPR (Tweet)

For many reasons, including climate change, coral reefs are dying around the world. But scientists say some crabs eat coral-choking seaweed and algae and may help with restoring coral reefs.

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As Climate Envoy, Kerry To Seek 'Ambition' With 'Humility'

Steve Inskeep, NPR (Tweet)

One challenge facing John Kerry in his new role as climate envoy to President-elect Joe Biden will be to convince other governments the U.S. will abide by its commitments.

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Lingering La Niñas may help forecasters spot costly weather patterns two years away

Bob Henson, The Washington Post (Tweet)

That’s because La Niña tends to hang around longer than El Niño, often returning or restrengthening for a second or even a third northern winter.

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Reusing, recycling, rethinking

Jessica Wolfrom, The Washington Post (Tweet)

Disturbed by the amount of trash their family of four was generating, Justin and Anna Marino adopted a "zero waste" lifestyle. Then they took it a step further, opening the first zero-waste store in the Washington area. You won't find plastic bags, Styrofoam …