Thursday, December 10, 2020
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Thursday, December 10, 2020

It's 37 degrees in Tallmadge today. Here's the news—

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Our Oceans, Our Future

Fabien Cousteau, New York Times (Tweet)

To conquer the dual, interrelated crises of Covid-19 and climate change we have to start small, and dream big.

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New York’s $226 Billion Pension Fund Is Dropping Fossil Fuel Stocks

Anne Barnard, New York Times (Tweet)

The fund will divest from fossil fuels in the next five years and sell its shares in other companies that contribute to global warming by 2040.

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Report Provides a Preview of the ‘New Arctic’

Henry Fountain and John Schwartz, New York Times (Tweet)

Also this week, five climate reporters recommend books they’ve enjoyed.

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Earth Is Still Sailing Into Climate Chaos, Report Says, but Its Course Could Shift

Somini Sengupta, New York Times (Tweet)

The biggest polluters are continuing to pollute, raising the risks of global warming. There are, however, new signs of a pivot to a green economy.

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Two major oil companies are coming under scrutiny as they navigate movement toward lower-carbon sources

Ben Geman, Axios (Tweet)

Two huge oil companies charting different paths through the industry's uneven movement toward lower-carbon sources are both coming under fresh — but different — forms of pressure and scrutiny.Driving the news: The Financial Times scooped yesterday that severa…

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The world’s rich need to cut their carbon footprint by a factor of 30 to slow climate change, U.N. warns

Brady Dennis, The Washington Post (Tweet)

The world's wealthiest people must reduce their carbon footprint 30-fold to combat climate change, U.N. report says.

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Hong Kong's democracy fighters face a dire choice: Go abroad or go to jail

Shibani Mahtani, The Washington Post (Tweet)

Daily arrests in the territory underscore the limited options for those associated with the city's struggle for freedoms.