Wednesday, December 09, 2020
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Wednesday, December 09, 2020

It's 63 degrees in Oakland today. Here's the news—

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Arctic's Shift to a Warmer Climate Is 'Well Underway, Scientists Warn

Henry Fountain, New York Times (Tweet)

This year’s Arctic Report Card, an annual assessment by an international panel of scientists, warned that the effects of global warming are surging across the region.

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Army Punishes 14 At Fort Hood, After Review Sparked By Vanessa Guillén's Killing

Bill Chappell, NPR (Tweet)

Army Secretary Ryan D. McCarthy cited profound problems at the base, including a command climate that was "permissive of sexual harassment and sexual assault."

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The revenge of the blob

Alex Ward, Vox (Tweet)

Presidents Obama and Trump kept the nation’s foreign policy establishment at arm’s length. President-elect Biden has warmly embraced it.

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"Multiple failures": Army punishes 14 after probe into Vanessa Guillén's murder, other deaths

Axios, Axios (Tweet)

The U.S. Army fired or suspended more than a dozen officials after an investigation into climate and culture at Fort Hood found "multiple failures" in how the Army handles soldier disappearances, deaths and sexual harassment complaints, Army secretary Ryan Mc…

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Fresh Air' Critic Revisits The TV, Books And Movies That Helped Ease Lockdown

John Powers, NPR (Tweet)

From Lovers Rock to The Good Lord Bird, the titles on John Powers' year-end list didn't simply distract; they also delved into enduring questions of freedom, dignity and survival.

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California's Ancient Redwoods Face New Challenge From Wildfires And Warming Climate

Eric Westervelt, NPR (Tweet)

California's iconic old-growth redwoods are incredibly resilient and built to survive fires. But even they may find it harder to rebound amid the mounting impacts of climate change.

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When do voters support Black Lives Matter or the Green New Deal?

Jianing Li, Michael W. Wagner, Lewis A. Friedland, Dhavan V. Shah, The Washington Post (Tweet)

Our research finds that more moderate rhetoric wins more support among both Democrats and Republicans.

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Global warming has profoundly transformed Arctic in just 15 years, report warns

Andrew Freedman, The Washington Post (Tweet)

The 2020 ‘Arctic Report Card’ depicts a region lurching into a new, unfamiliar state.